Are you playing the lead role, or are you playing the best friend?

Hi Love!

Here's something that's been strong on my heart. It's time to play the lead role! It's time to stand out in the ways that you are meant to! 

Are you playing the lead role, or are you playing the best friend?

Are you sitting on the sidelines cheering everyone else on, pretending you don’t want to shine? Or are you getting on stage and doing what you came here to do.

No one is coming. No one is coming to pull you out from the crowd.

Is it that you’re afraid to be seen, known, sought after? Are you afraid of what people will think? That they’ll think of you as merely an attention seeker.

These thoughts are normal. And if you WERE an attention seeker, truly, you’d already be showing up for the likes and fame. But you’re not one, you’re simply afraid to be seen that way.

So, are you going to let these thoughts stop you? Or are you going to do the damn thing. Write and speak what flows through you.

You were born for this. To be all of you. Fully you. To be on the stage. Not for fame. Not for power. Not for the praise.

And not because you see yourself as ‘better than’. Because you have a message to share. For the ones who can’t wait to hear it. And so, you attract. You draw attention to yourself, but not really to you exactly.

You draw attention to the words you write and speak. To the amazingness of being FULLY you, because what people are craving is permission to be fully who THEY are. Not to become like you. To fully unleash who they are. Unconditioned.

You came to create. To lead. To teach. To shift industries. Maybe to be a mother. A singer. A speaker. Whatever it is. You can feel it in your soul. Called to do the thing. To be all of you. And ready to say yes to your soul.

XO, Kat Feeney