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The program for creative coaches who want to make a massive impact and create offers that are of high value that sell on repeat. For those who want to do the work of their heart and soul with strategy that feels good. Through heart and strategy, I'll help you create courses that you can launch and sell on repeat. 


You ARE a natural born leader. You have something to share with MANY. Thousands, maybe more. To increase your reach and your income. Which simply can’t happen if you are only offering 1:1 coaching.

When I first started nutrition coaching, I was serving 1:1 and quickly realized that by the time I calculated the hours I was spending on each client I might as well have been working as a barista at Starbucks. Aside from the reality that I needed to increase my rates for 1:1, I also knew that what I was sharing could reach more women and that I could offer content in different ways so that I was not repeating content that could be otherwise shared. 

Course Creation Boss is the place where I help you figure out your next offers, package them, so that you can sell them on repeat. So that you can increase your impact and your income.

It's time to create it! Launch it. And offer it on repeat. 

This isn’t just another business in a box type of join the dots copy and paste style program. This isn’t a ‘choose your niche, client avatar’ type of program.

Don’t even bore me with this! ;) 

I’m going to help you pull out your true essence. Your GIFTS. and create programs that stand out because they are offered by YOU. 

Course Creation Boss is for driven entrepreneurs who know that they are here to have a bigger impact. To reach more people with their work. To have multiple streams of income in their business, with digital courses being one of them! 


Kat Feeney